About our Program

Crime Stoppers of El Paso, Inc is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization formed in 1978. We are the first chapter created in Texas and the second chapter nationally and internationally. 

The organization is made up of a volunteer board of directors who donate their time, talent, and experience to ensure the success of our programs and continue helping make El Paso safe. 


It all began in 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A Detective with the Albuquerque Police Department, Greg MacAleese was investigating a Murder-Robbery, and the case had no investigative leads.  MacAleese, a former news journalist, obtained permission from his agency to work with a local television station, to create a reenactment of the crime.  A tip-line was created, and calls came in providing information that gave investigators the lead they needed to find the men responsible for the murder.  This basic beginning was the birth of Crime Stoppers.

In mid-1978, Leo Samaniego, who was a Deputy Chief of Police with the El Paso Police Department(later to become the longest serving Sheriff of El Paso County), heard about the success of what Albuquerque was doing.  He had Sgt. Dwain Johnson along with others meet with MacAleese and others in Albuqerque to find out how a similar program could be built in El Paso.  Soon after as a result of the meeting, Crime Stoppers of El Paso, Inc. was organized become the first Crime Stoppers Program in Texas and 2nd in the world.  Crime Stoppers of El Paso Inc., came to be with support from the Kiwanis Club, and various prominent business persons.  The law firm of Grambling, Mounce, Sims, Galatzan, and Harris drew up the articles of Incorporation at no charge, dated October 25th 1978. The El Paso Police Department, supported the program by allowing Sgt. Dwain Johnson to serve as the coordinator for the program, and provided an office for the program at its Police Headquarters.  

 The first meeting was held at the Mutual Savings & Loan, located at 415 Texas Avenue, on November 2nd 1978 at 2p.m.

Board of Directors

Crime Stoppers of El Paso is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers from our very own community. The board directs the program's financial, promotional, and most importantly, fundraising activities. 
Executive Board Directors:
President: Erick Zubia
Vice President of Administration: Angel Herrera
Vice President of Public Relations: Ann Antoniou
Treasurer: Imelda Loya
Secretary: Vivian Harlan  
Board Directors:
Angel Herrera
Anne Antoniou
Heber Gandara
Lillian Murillo-Puga
Vivian Ernestine Harlan
Christopher Montoya 
Kathryn Martinez 
Gustavo Silva Jr. 
Norma Rincon 
Gilbert Lespron-Romo
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